The Collateral Values

Act with Integrity and Authenticity

Trust is the foundation and the cornerstone for all that we do. Inside and outside of our Family of Companies, people must be able to rely on us. All business (as well as personal) success is based on relationships, and integrity is at the core of mutually fulfilling and beneficial relationships. To achieve high quality relationships, authenticity and honesty are essential.

Provide Extraordinary Service

Professional and enthusiastic service is our basic product in every business. High levels of service create lasting relationships with our customers and set us apart from our competitors. A spirit of service builds a strong community inside and outside our companies. A spirit of service requires complete and utter dedication to “The Right Way”.

Build Community in All You Do

Community consists of relationships that bind us together. These are rooted in respect for the uniqueness of every human being and appreciation for the strength that lies in differences. We are only as successful as the people working beside us. To reach every company goal we set, we must help those around us achieve their individual goals. We are paying it forward in life, for abundance comes not from wealth itself, but from using that wealth and our resources for a common purpose and the greater good.  If we serve others first always, we will achieve abundance for ourselves as well as our community, customers and co-workers.

Be a Faithful Steward

In all that we do, we are stewards of our own resources and the resources entrusted to us by others. We will reward their confidence in our stewardship, both by prudently protecting their capital and also by continuing to provide them exceptional long-term returns on their investment. We are also stewards of a legacy which encompasses intangible as well as tangible assets, all of which we are charged to protect and enhance.

Have Fun

There is great joy in building and growing. Happiness is a byproduct of usefulness. A positive attitude is the quality most associated with success and happiness. Let’s have fun while we accomplish great things together.